Brunnberg Lures

Martin Brunnberg is the man behind Swedish Brunnberg Lures.

Easiest described as a complete head case when it concerns fishing.
Martins connection to the sea is very important and it is when out on the water that he charges his batteries.

And to share this with fishermen that feel the same way is really enjoying life and fishing

Brunnberg Lures started some time during 2007 and so far the most famous of the current range of baits is the BB-Tail that came to be 2008.
The company started to grow as the request for baits made by Brunnberg Lures inreased, especially when some prestige filled competitions where one with the help of Martins lures.

Today several stores keep Brunnberg Lures in stock.

In Brunnberg Lures catalogue:

BB-21: Weight 65g Lenght with tail 21cm
This bait fish just as well without the rubber tail.

BB-Tail: Weight 100g Lenght 23cm

BB-Den Store: Weight 200g Lenght 29cm

Big Paddel: Weight 120g Lenght 20cm

Fat-paddel: Weight 90g Lenght 16cm

BB-33: Weight 80g Lenght with tail 13cm
This bait fish just as well without the rubber tail.

B-rubber: Weight 60g Lenght 19cm
Comes pre rigged for double stingers

BB-16 Weight 75g Lenght 17 cm

Fat tail: Weight 140g Lenght 26cm

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