Claes ”Svartzonker” Claesson

Originaly grew up in Norrtälje and early started fishing with his grandfather. He enjoys fishing for most species but almost 95% of his time is dedicated to spinn and jerk fishing for pike.The remaining time is left for salmon, pearch and zander.

Claes “Svartzonker” has always enjoyed manufacuring his own fishing lures, rods, cranks, flies, floats, soft baits, spinners and jerk baits. The feeling of catching something on a lure you’ve made yourself is just a little bit better.

The absolute favorite fishing is after northern pike, early autumn. Fairly long days, not so cold, the pike are scattered, increadibly strong and the fishing can be fantastic.

Svartzonker lures
McMio – A smaler sized tail bait. Body around 8,5 cm and ways about 75 gr. Gentle wagging and fish from 1-3 meters.

McMy – Small irrationell jerk. Around 10 cm and weighs about 55 gr. Fish from 0,5-1,5 meters

Mctail – A glider with tail and a irrationell behaviour. Has won more than one big Pike tournament with several +22 pound pike on its conscience. 13 cm body + tail. weighs about 95 gr and fish from 0,5-2 meters

Jonnystail – A glider with tail. 16 cm body + tail. Fish from 0,5-2 meters

Ticsaren – A head shaking belly glider that gives a shake at the end of each jerk. Insanely good for regular spinfishing. Several +22 pounders on its conscience. 17 cm and 110 gr. Fish on 0,5-3 meters

Mini squarepusher – A slider, only 11 cm long and 75 gr. Fish from 0,5-3m. Really good for regular spinning, great for competitions that require covering large areas of water.

SZ.Tail – Hand carved with knife. Body of about 11 cm + tail weighs as a slow sink, 95 gr and as a sink 105 gr. Stable and allows you to fish it faster than most tail baits. Availabel as slow sink, fish from 0,5-1,5 meters and as sink, fish from 1,5-5 meters.

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