Our Services

Are you or your company looking to create unique video content to your website or youtube channel? We at Lureaction offer you customized production of your promotional video.

Every client project is treated uniquely and we always deliver an end product with several clips up to 60 sec long.

Some examples of our offered services/products:
* Under water video in indoor pool
* Outdoor footage of your product in pike infested waters with high likelihood to catch some pike action on film!
* Custom video
* Video SEO

In addition to video production there are also possibility to advertise your company at lureaction.com and sponsor our current video clips/coming video projects.

For more information, send your inquiries to advertise@lureaction.com

About Lureaction.com

Lureaction.com produces and collects video tutorials for fishing.
From videos of how to make your own lure to showing you exactly how that bait you are thinking of buying behaves under water.

We hope we can give you enough knowledge to become a better fisherman and trust you enjoy your stay here at lureaction.com

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